Scrap Metal Salvaging – Raising Funds For Teen Youth Group Activities

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Working with a teen youth group can be challenging – this is especially true when you're working with a very tight budget. The thing with youth groups is, you constantly have to present the teens with something fun, interesting or exciting to do. This is difficult when funds are limited.

One way to get the teens involved with raising money for the activities they want to participate in is through salvaging metal. Scrap metal can be found so many places and can actually bring in quite a bit of cash.

Here, you'll learn a couple ways to get the teens involved collecting the scrap to raise the funds that they need to stay active and interested in participating with the youth group.

Roadside Clean-Up

This activity is good for the community, great for the teens and can bring in a substantial amount of cash. All you'll need is some trash bags – two different colors – one for metal products and one for everything else. You'll also need some gloves and bright colored T-shirts.

Choose a road that appears to have lots of debris alongside of it, but also one that doesn't get too busy as you have to keep the teens safe while they work. As you walk, clean up any litter that you find. Place all of the scrap metal in one color bag so that you can quickly sort through the bags when the job is complete.

Talk with the local road services department. They may have programs in place that will provide you with everything that you need to get the job done, including safety signs to place along the road. They may also have an agreement with the local trash collection company to pick up bags of trash following litter clean-up crews. Then, all you'll have to do is drive a truck down the road and stop to collect the bags that contain the metal scrap and leave the rest for the trash collectors at a later time.

Place Want Ads

If you browse through local classified ads, you'll probably see at least a couple listings for people looking to collect free scrap metal. You can place an ad of your own. Be sure to state in the ad that you are working to raise money for a youth group and you'll quickly be getting calls to come and pick up bags of cans, old appliances and lots of other metal odds and ends that people don't know what to do with.

These activities will get the teens out in the community and doing what they need to do to raise the money they need to enjoy being a part of the group. Have fun with it and get creative with new ways to find free scrap metal to sell. Contact a service, like Sikora Metals, for more help.