Three Tasks To Tackle Before Calling A Scrap Metal Yard About Junking Your Car

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Now that fall has arrived, it is a good time to clean up the yard before the temperature plummets and the desire to work outside the house disappears. If you have an old car sitting beside the house that is ideal for wrecking, now is the perfect time to prepare the vehicle for the scrap metal yard. However, since you are unsure of how best to tackle this task, here are three ways you can make the vehicle attractive to the wrecker and get a few dollars back into your wallet.

Research Valuable Parts

Some parts of a car are still valuable even though the vehicle is not running, so your first task is to remove these for separate sale. Examples of valuable parts from the car are:

  • battery
  • tires and rims
  • radiator

Provided that these items are in good condition and are still in working order, then you can sell these parts separately either through your local classified ads or through a local online marketplace. Buyers looking for second-hand parts for their cars will pay cash for these items rather than having to buy them new.

Pull Out Non-Metal

The scrap metal yard is interested in wrecking your automobile for the metal components, so, if you remove the non-metal components, you make your car a lot more attractive to them. Seats can be removed and put up for separate sale, for example. Strip out the rubber weather strips, the carpet, and the roof lining to take the car back to a bare metal shell. The easier it is for the yard to wreck the car, the more likely you are to sell it quickly and for a good price.

Separate Valuable Metal

Valuable metal in a car is anything made of copper, so copper wiring gets a higher sale price than the car body itself. As you are pulling apart the car to make it attractive to the wrecker, put aside any bits of metal which you feel are more valuable than the car carcass itself. You can then discuss these items with the buyer and perhaps negotiate a separate price for the sale of them.

If you still have concerns about how best to present your old vehicle to the wrecker, give them a call in advance to ask if they have any specific requirements that would help you with this task. Then, you can get the old car off the lawn before winter arrives, and that means less time outside in the cold. For more information, contact a local company like TNT Auto Salvage