3 Surprising Car Dilemmas You Can Turn Into Cash

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Are you sitting on a junk car that's taking up precious space in your driveway? It's easy for a vehicle to deteriorate into a state where selling it just isn't worthwhile, but that doesn't mean that you need to tow it away for a loss. If you're wondering whether your old beater qualifies to get you a quick cash injection, then check out these three situations where you can still earn money for your junker.

1. Vehicles With Internal Engine or Transmission Damage

A broken motor or transmission spells doom for most vehicles. While it may sometimes be worth doing a rebuild or replacement on very valuable cars, many older daily drivers are worth less than these expensive repair services. Unfortunately, it also tends to be challenging to sell vehicles in this state since only highly mechanically-inclined buyers are likely to have any interest.

Despite this, your busted car still has plenty of value. Even with a motor or transmission long past its prime, there are almost certainly other mechanical, electrical, and electronic components still worth money, not to mention the body's scrap metal value. Junk car buyers will be happy to give you an offer, even if turning the key produces nothing more than a horrible grinding sound and a puff of smoke.

2. Cars Missing Critical Components

Did you have plans to strip down and sell parts of your old vehicle? This approach can be a great way to make some extra money, but it's also a labor-intensive process. It can be disheartening to give up on a project like this halfway through, but that doesn't mean that you have to give up on getting more money from your car.

Most junk car buyers will be happy to purchase your vehicle, even if it's missing body panels or other essential components. While these missing items may mean a lower cash offer, you'll still make some money while removing an ugly eyesore from your yard. If you decide to junk a car in this condition, be sure to let the scrapper know that it's missing a few parts.

3. Rusty Old Hulks

You might have an old, rusted-out hulk on your property for any number of reasons. Maybe you intended to fix it, or perhaps it's just a project or parts car that got away from you. Whatever the case, rusty body panels, broken windows, or similar issues won't stop most junk buyers from purchasing your car. Depending on their severity, these problems may not even significantly impact your offer price.

Keeping an old, unused car on your property can be unsightly and even dangerous. Most junk buyers are happy to purchase vehicles in nearly any condition, so don't let mechanical or cosmetic issues stop you from cleaning up your driveway.

To learn more about how to get cash for your junk car, contact a local auto wrecking service.